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Starting at €30 per month, Virtual Offices are a solution designed especially for companies starting their activity or in the process of reducing costs, as well as for liberal professionals or those who work from home, without having to invest in their own physical spaces.

For you, whose business requires a privileged location and promotion of your company, strengthen your image with clients and business partners, at a low fixed monthly cost.

With this monthly fee, your company not only avoids the costs of a physical office, allowing you to enjoy a privileged address, which you can use in your business cards, brochures and website.


With an easy and hassle-free joining solution, choose the ideal plan for you and benefit from an extremely accessible location, in a business environment and with free parking in Cascais.

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Advantages of a Virtual Office

  ✓ Tax domiciliation
  ✓ Reception of correspondence 
  ✓ Mail notification and scanning
  ✓ Meeting Room
  ✓ Unique phone number
  ✓ Personalized telephone service
  ✓ Call forwarding
  ✓ Free WIFI
  ✓ Parking

 Virtual Offices tailored to you: choose the best option for your business!

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